مجالسة أطفال

We know you lead a hectic life, and we know how hard it is to find someone you can rely on in a desperate hour of need. Never be left in the lurch again without one of our reliable part time babysitters.


Request Some TLC

We know how hectic Dubai is, appointments get cancelled, work obligations come up and unexpected plans could pop up out of nowhere. Because we’re committed to providing you with hundreds of additional benefits we know you’ll love our MATIC babysitting service. It’s the perfect solution for those days when the house is a mess and the children unexpectedly don’t have plans; with a few clicks, you can book one of our housekeepers who is a reliable babysitter to watch over your kids and clean up after them. We offer the height of excellence in terms of childcare because we want our customers to leave their worries and anxieties behind when they leave their homes and most prized possessions. We understand you won’t settle for anything but the best for your little ones, and neither would we, that’s why you’ll find both entertainment and supervision for your children when you reach out to us. Our babysitters are skilled in the art of childcare, no matter the age group.


Keep It In The Family

If you have certain preferences for how your children should spend their time, feel free to let the babysitter know – if there’s a bedtime or a specific time for TV we’ll adhere to your rules and make sure everybody’s routine continues smoothly. Let us help you take some stress away because when you’re relaxed, your children happy, your house clean, and your laundry done, your whole family reaps the rewards; MATIC makes sure no stone is left unturned. Watch how fast your children will grow fond of our babysitters and sit back and relax knowing they’re in excellent hands. We hold our babysitters in high regard, which should confirm your worries that when you’re booking with MATIC, you’re booking thoroughly screened and personally interviewed helpers. Take as much time as you need outside your home knowing there’s nothing to worry about in your absence.

Service Price Time
Babysitting 65 AED One Hour

* All prices apply to our working hours from 8am to 6pm.

Babysitting is only provided with housekeeping services