FAQ | General Questions

What is the price per hour?

To know more about our price per hour, click on Book a cleaning > Select your location / add an address and browse the cleaning hourly prices.
Prices include transportation cost and tax.

How long is the visit duration?

In KSA, the visit duration is for 4 hours.
In UAE, the minimum visit duration is 2 hours and goes up to 8 hours.
In Lebanon, the minimum visit duration is 2 hours and goes up to 8 hours.

Do you provide the service for single men?

We extend our services to family homes only in KSA, and are unable to provide the service if a female over 18 years of age is not present during the time of the visit. In UAE, Lebanon, and Bahrain, single men can be served without the presence of a female in the house

Do I have to be home?

In KSA, it is mandatory for the client to be at home. For UAE, Lebanon, and Bahrain, it’s up to you – but we do recommend that you be there (at least for the first visit) or communicate your special requests beforehand.

Do you provide cleaning tools?

KSA, Lebanon, and Bahrain based clients need to have their own cleaning tools at home.
Currently we provide cleaning tools for UAE based Clients only. You need to specify that you require cleaning tools, which will be charged extra.

What equipment is required?

We recommend that you provide a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, broom, and all-purpose cleaner.

How do I file a complaint?

We are easily accessible anytime to hear your feedback – you can reach us directly through chat, email us at care@maticservices.com or call us on 8009696 if you are in the UAE, on 8003040088 if you are in KSA, or on 00800100867 if you are in Qatar.

What is included in the cleaning session?

Our cleaning services include dusting, wiping, vacuum cleaning rooms and bathrooms. You can add specific requests based on your home’s needs.

What are your operating days and times?

In KSA, cleaners operate from Saturday through Thursday. The morning shift starts at 9 AM and 11 AM and the afternoon shift starts at 3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM, and 6 PM. Visit start time depends on your location. Please allow for an “arrival window” of up to one hour prior to or after the start and completion time*.
In UAE, bookings start every day from 8 AM until 8 PM*
In Lebanon, bookings start every day from 8 AM until 6 PM*
*Times are subject to change during holidays

Why can’t I find availability?

It depends, please reach out to us through chat, our agents will help you out.

What happens after I make a booking?

You will receive a confirmation SMS and email shortly after you have made your booking online.

What are your payment methods?

In KSA, we accept card payments or you can transfer the amount to our bank account. Contact us through chat for more information regarding bank transfer.
In UAE, we accept card and cash payments.
In Lebanon, we accept card payments only.

Can I get the same cleaner?

Yes you can! We provide access to your preferred cleaner’s schedule while booking through the app. We advise you to book a package to ensure your favorite cleaner’s availability.

Why am I being charged a cancellation fee?

Cancellation charges only apply if you cancel or reschedule your session less than 24 hours before your cleaning session. Fees will be 100% of your total cleaning session. Otherwise, no cancellation fees will be incurred.

How do I cancel my recurring schedule?

From “My Bookings” page, click on your upcoming visits, then tap on address and cancel the recurring schedule. In case a visit is scheduled within 24 hours, please refer back to our cancellation section.

Is Matic a Cleaning Company?

No, Matic is a marketplace connecting customers with qualified registered cleaners.