تنظيف المنزل

Ever wondered what it would be like to live with the services of a hotel day in and day out? You really can’t get any closer than with MATIC’s impeccable housekeeping services.


A Pristine Home

Maybe you just spent all day dealing with chores like laundry or babysitting your children, and you just want to get home to a place as clean as a five star hotel, our part time maids are just what you need to get that fresh feeling in Riyadh’s sticky heat. It’s as easy as one, two, three: open our website or mobile app, enter your information and just choose a time most convenient for you while we take care of the rest!

Do you have specific requests for how you like your home cleaned? Our housekeepers follow an 80-step checklist that ensures every nook and cranny of your home is cleaned and tidy. From cleaning, washing, sweeping to ironing, no task is too great for MATIC’s hardworking and committed housekeepers. If you enjoy routine, you can book a weekly schedule to guarantee the same five star experience shows up at your door every time like clockwork.

We like to organize and construct a neat, tidy home even if it takes a daily visit, which is why we’ll even take seasonal cleaning off your hands. Overwhelmed by the idea of seasonal cleaning? We know the agony summer brings with it from sand and dust, so stress no more, just ask book of our housekeepers with our range of seasonal cleanings, from upholstery to carpet cleaning, and we guarantee the most stress-free experience!. You might want to deep clean your oven, from the inside and out, just let us know and we’ll bring our strongest supplies for the job. There is no spot too stubborn for MATIC and no job too small.


Your Wish Is Our Command

You’ll only have to share your needs and wishes once for us to follow that formula every time we come over; whether it’s a cleaning routine you’d like us to use, abstaining from certain products, focusing on one room more than another or just making sure we clean those hard to reach areas. Homeowners should be able to have someone to lean on when their plate is full and we’re willing to bet it would just take one booking with us to prove we’re that helping hand. It’s the only way to fully maximize your time, having some help whenever your plate is too full, especially thinking of the hundreds of responsibilities you need to get done by tomorrow or the many deadlines you have to meet instead of keeping your home spotless.

Service Price Time
Housekeeping starting from 40 SAR One Hour

* All prices apply to our working hours from 8am to 6pm.