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You know deep inside what lies behind your cabinet’s doors. If it’s not seen, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You try to pull out a pan and a crash of pots & containers surprises you. Storing your kitchen utensils is essential to save you effort in grabbing your target, time, and space.


End the tug war between you and your kitchenware by following our simplified tips:

Categorize the plates

Group certain dishes together according to their usage. Pile the dishes that you use daily together and the occasional dishes together. Dishes should be placed independent of pots, pans and cups.

Cater to your needs

Your dishes supply should be based on your needs. If you live alone, your dish supply will be way less than that of a family’s. Save space in your cabinets to ease your reach for the dishes. Discard the items you do not need from dishes, to containers, to cups.

Your everyday plates

Keep your everyday plates near your reach. Place them on the lower shelf, in a pullout drawer, or on a dish organizer on the kitchen’s counter.

Consider your family members 

You can arrange the kids’ dishes and cups in a special drawer. This way, it’ll be more time efficient to reach out for your target without removing it from a stack. Sometimes, different family members prefer to use their own plates for hygienic or personal reasons. You can also separate each family member’s items in different drawers and shelves. Even better, you can color coordinate the dishes corresponding to the family member. For example, assign pink dishes and cups for your girls!

Delicacy for the delicate 

Remember those special dishes you bought and hid for an extra special event? These sets – such as China plates sets – tend to be very delicate, fragile, and expensive. You should use a fabric or foam to separate the dishes and prevent them from rubbing or chipping.


When was the last time you cleaned and organized your kitchen’s cabinets? Leaving them for long invites unwelcomed dust and tiny spiders!

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