Arab Hygienic & Cleaning Practices

While Arab countries might widely vary in many traditions and aspects, most of them agree to the great good: cleanliness. Maintaining perfect personal hygiene and a well-cleaned home is essential in the Arab culture. This dates back to their history in inventing cleaning means, in addition to Islamic beliefs where a person is required to […]

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Setting an Insta-Worthy Dinner Table

Have you seen those magical dinner tables on Instagram while you’re scrolling through your feed?  They are simplistic in their placement and harmonious in their color coordination. They are just worth taking a picture of and sharing it on the socials.  If you are inviting your family or friends over, or even throwing an event […]

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Time to Book a House-Cleaner?

This is the age of hustling where everyone has a busy schedule that consists of work, work, and more work. We are missing the point of actually living and enjoying the meaningful things in life. This work life includes house chores that consume a major part of our time. Would you want to compromise priorities […]


Bacteria Magnets at Your Home!

With the right temperature and nutrients, bacteria are set to grow & live happily like other living things. They spread from person to person and to surfaces depending on factors like surface type, living habits, cleaning procedures, and lifestyle practices.  Meet the top places at your home that attract bacteria like a magnet, surely followed […]


Simply Organizing Your Fridge

Having a disorganized fridge is a waste of money and food. With a messy fridge, the food is shoved in places you can’t spot, which means that some will be spoiled and tossed in the trash. Additionally, having spoiled food is a welcoming invitation for bacteria to live in your fridge! A disarrayed fridge consumes […]


Behind Your Closed Cabinet Doors

You know deep inside what lies behind your cabinet’s doors. If it’s not seen, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You try to pull out a pan and a crash of pots & containers surprises you. Storing your kitchen utensils is essential to save you effort in grabbing your target, time, and space.  End the […]


Back to School: Managing Cleaning and Family Time

Getting back to school after a break is one of the busiest processes of the year, where each family member has a tight schedule. Managing the home chores is very challenging during this time, so keep reading our top tips!  The goal is to ease the process of getting ready in the daily routine and […]

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Clean Before You Clear

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a touristic trip to the other side of the world, there’s nothing more exciting than traveling! However, with traveling comes some responsibility such as packing, cleaning, planning, running errands, etc. It is essential to clear out your home before heading off to enjoy a blissful vacation.  Now you might […]


Enjoy “Blue Friday” cleaning offers with MATIC!

Every year, by the end of November, an unprecedented sale season starts world wide, “Black Friday”, or as known in our region “White Friday.” It is an annual sale season on every product or service in the market at unmatched rates, which leads consumers on a shopping spree like no other!  Given that the season […]