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At Matic, you can always win! Who won free cleaning services?

Be part of the Matic community, and keep winning with us – so much more than just cleaning services. Check out our winner, Ms. Catherine Ridley, who won 3 months of free home cleaning services in Dubai! Ms. Ridley, founder of Sama Sama Holiday Homes, had been a loyal customer with us and entered the draw […]


Have a happy and clean home this Eid

Eid al Fitr is a special occasion for those fasting, as it is marks the end of fasting and celebrates coming together. The festive mood might make it more difficult to keep a clean home, so these are our top tips for a clean and happy home before, during and after Eid! 1 – Prepare […]


Matic’s top cleaning tips for young parents

A newborn is a blessing for all parents. It’s a special time full of love, excitement and joy. But it’s also a time full of a new set of messes, not to mention the sleep deprivation and a cramped schedule. Because we’d like to share all those moments with you – the good and the bad […]

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks - Matic

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Posts about home hacks might be a dime a dozen on the Internet. However, the posts you find on Matic blog are different because we always seek to bring you the best and easiest, time and money saving hacks we can find and share them with you in a fun to read and apply manner that […]

Room Hacks - Matic

Easy Room Hacks That Can Save You Space!

We are not all blessed with having big bedrooms that can comfortably accommodate all our nick-knacks and belongings. For this reason, today we will be sharing with you some room hacks that can save you space when you are stuck with a small bedroom that you need to learn how to love and enjoy.   […]

what do you learn from babysitting - Matic

What Do You Learn From Babysitting?

Babysitting is hard wok, however, it is also rewarding in a multitude of ways. Although I have never really babysat any kids before, just spending time with my three year old son is enough to make me realize the hardships and the merits of being around kids.   In my previous posts, I have shared […]

Cleaning Tips And Tricks - Matic

Unusual Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Actually Work

Welcome to another day and another post with compliments of Matic! Since our “Weirdest Cleaning Ideas That Can Work For You” was such a hit with our readers, we decided to follow it up with a post about unusual cleaning tips and tricks you will definitely enjoy to read and have up your sleeve!   […]

babysitting infants - Matic

Babysitting Infants: How To Do It Right

Babysitting is a tough gig and we all should know and appreciate that. Whether you are babysitting infants, toddlers, 9 year olds or teenagers, you will face some issues and hardships that you will need to learn how to deal with. To help you with that, today I will be sharing with you some tips […]